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Technical Faculty in Bor
Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Borр
Tel/fax (030) 424 555 / 421 078
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Technical Faculty in Bor
International collaboration

International cooperation is one of important activities of the Technical Faculty in Bor, as one of the fundamental postulates of high education and aspirations towards the creation of a unified platform of higher education in Europe and the world.

Modernity and the international harmonization of this study program confirms the cooperation of the Technical Faculty with many institutions in the world, Europe and the Balkans, as witnessed by:

    • - signed bilateral agreements with numerous faculties from different universities – University of Banja Luka – BiH, University of Zenica - BiH, Central South University Chagsha - China, University of Science and Technology Beijing - China, University of Zagreb – Croatia, University of Genoa - Italy, University of Podgorica – Montenegro, University of Resita – Romania, University of Ljubljana - Slovenia),
    • - participation in several joint international projects,
    • - the participation of our teachers as visiting professors at foreign universities,
    • - invited lectures of our teachers in foreign universities,
    • - the cooperation in the field of scientific work with the University of Osaka - Japan, Masaryk University in Brno - Czech Republic, AGH in Krakow - Poland, the University of Paris – France, University of Miskolc - Hungary, Technical University in Ostrava – Czech Republic, EPFL Lausanne - Switzerland, etc.

Technical Faculty in Bor is also a member of some networks, which have been formed recently. So, as a ‘product’ of one joint international project, the Resita Academic Network on „Entrepreneurship and Innovation“ has been established, involving universities from Austria, Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia. Also, a network, formed from different faculties teaching metallugical studies – BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, have been joined recently into METNET network.

 The mobility at all levels of academic studies is achieved thanks to the participation of staff in several international projects, using the SSM - short scientific missions for teachers and students higher levels of study.

Due to the modern world trends in engineering profession and science, current active international cooperation reflected in a number of published papers and citations on the list of SCI and significantly affect the impact of research work of teachers at the Faculty.

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