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Technical Faculty in Bor
Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Borр
Tel/fax (030) 424 555 / 421 078
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Technical Faculty in Bor

The faculty library has existed since the very day of the faculty foundation. At present there are almost 20,000 books in the library. 50% of them are in Serbian language and the rest in foreign languages. The library stores also about 12,000 newspapers and reviews.

The area of the library premises is 81 m². The library fund users are generally students who borrow books and other library editions for reading mostly extramurally.

Faculty library – reading room

Faculty library – reading room

There has been a strong need to modernize the Library and to start with necessary digitalisation of the library fund. In this way the students of the Technical faculty in Bor could have access to the library fund and browse scanned books by means of internet. Fortunately, students and other library users know how to access to and use world scientific data bases.

Beside computers in the library, the student have available computers in computer laboratories. The internet access is provided by means of optical cable that offers the access speed of 1Gbps. All students can use all of these computers free of charge.

The computers placed in the laboratories and the library enable students and employees to use all important scientific data bases all over the world. Students and employees of state universities in Serbia have access to scientific data bases all over the world within Academic network via Conzortium of libraries of Serbia for joined procurement (KoBSON). This is a new form of organizing of libraries in Serbia. The incentive for foundation of this Conzortium was proposed in November 2001. The proposers were directors of the leading scientific libraries in Serbia (National library of Serbia – Belgrade, University library "Svetozar Marković" – Belgrade, University library "Nikola Tesla" – Nish, University library of Kragujevac, Library of the Serbian academy of science and art – Belgrade as well as representatives of the Community of university libraries and Community of libraries of Serbia.)

The aforementioned KoBSON creates and maintains internet page accessible to all members at the address http://kobson.nb.rs. Kobson has set colaboration with the world leading browser Google that enables all users of Kobson linking to available sources directly from Google page. If the user is on the academic net and if Kobson is susrbibed to some newspaper edition where the article has been published, the user can by click at the article title get the entire text of the article.

KoBSON encompases all scientific libraries in Serbia. The Conzortium negotiates for the access to electronic data bases, books and newspapers via Academic network and provides the access to users to more than 35,000 foreign scientific newspapers and reviews in paper and electronic form, 20 data bases and several thousand electronic books. The entire project from the very beginning is financed by the Ministry of science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia.

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