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International October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy, organized by the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, in collaboration with the Mining and Metallurgy Institute in Bor. Initially organized as a national conference in 2002 it became international. The main aims of the conference is to provide a forum for presentations and discussions of scientific research findings, technological development and practices on the subject of geology, mining, metallurgy, materials science, technology, environmental protection as well as the related engineering topics

Еcological Truth and Environmental Research, is an international scientific and professional meeting organized annually by University of Belgrade – Technical faculty in Bor, along with other coorganizers such as: Society of Young Researches – Bor, Institute for Public Health-Zaječar, Mining and Metallurgy Institute – Bor, Mining and Smelting Basin – Bor and Institute for Protection on Work – Niš. The meeting has provided aims and scopes of ecology, environment and public health and other similar and related fields

International May Conference on Strategic Management, is an international conference in the field of general management. This conference has been organized annually from 2005 by the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade

International Mineral Processing and Recycling Conference, is organized every year by the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, with an aim of providing a forum of scientists and experts dealing with recycling R&D problems and/or adjoining areas

International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management, is organized jointly by the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade (Serbia), the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, University of Applied Sciences Trier (Germany), and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).This conference presents a forum for scientific research discussion and practice on the subjects of environmental and material flow management

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