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Mining engineering

The Department for Mining Engineering of the Technical faculty in Bor has existed from the very foundation of the Faculty in 1961. In more than half a century of existence, the Department has grown and developed according to the development and demands of the mining industry. We are proud to say that several hundreds of mining engineers all over the globe hold our diplomas. The goal of our department has always been the education of mining engineers capable of facing any professional challenges fearlessly. To accomplish that, we constantly change and improve our curriculums and our approach to students. The studies at the Department for Mining Engineering of the Technical faculty in Bor are conducted within the study program of Mining Engineering, which incorporates three study

  • Mining Engineering (ELMS)
  • Mineral processing (PMS)
  • Recycling technologies and sustainable development (RTOR)

Apart from the traditional lectures in the classrooms and laboratories, the studies of Mining Engineering include practical experience as well. Close relations of the Department for Mining Engineering and the mining industry, and the proximity of a large number of mining facilities at different stages of development (from Greenfield to reclamation) provide our students with the opportunity to gather practical knowledge from visiting various mining sites. Visits to the mining sites are organized for higher year students, once a week, and include underground and surface mines, coal, metal, quarries or exploration. The intensified activities on cooperation of the Faculty and the other faculties from Serbia and abroad were followed by our department. We traditionally have good connections with the Faculty for Mining and Geology from Belgrade but also with The Royal School of Mines of Imperial College London and Montanuniversität Leoben. Besides education, the members of our department are engaged in scientific research and development, which is proven by a large number of scientific publications in international and domestic journals and at domestic and international conferences as well. The pioneering spirit of our researchers governs the research, in the same manner as it governs the education. Consequently, the unique demands of our clients triggered our curiosity and resulted in the solutions unique in the world. The examples are: the highest single slope waste dump, a remote system for monitoring of seismic effects of blasting, a new approach to blast induced ground vibration damage claims etc. Mining Engineering Department of the Technical Faculty in Bor also provides other services including:

  • Consulting
  • Mine and mining processes design,
  • Reviews of technical documentation
  • Court expertise in the field of mining
  • Various laboratory testing
  • CAD and 3D modelling for mining etc.

Our clients are primarily mining and mining related companies, construction companies and exploration companies from Serbia and worldwide. The quality of services we provide, confidentiality principles and our approach to the client, regardless of the size, turns our clients into our friends and partners. Finally, in a world which is becoming ashamed of its mining heritage we are proud of our tradition, proud of our ancestors legacy, proud to be miners and proud to say that we move the Earth.

Study program : Mining Engineering

Undergraduate Academic Studies (1st level of the academic studies)

Master Academic Studies (2nd level of the academic studies)

Doctoral Academic Studies (3rd level of the academic studies)

Studies and curriculums

Mining engineering (1st, 2nd and 3rd level of studies continued from 1961)

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